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Testimonial & Loyalty Discount

Most of the people who travel to Iran with us become our loyal friends, and these friendships tend to last a lifetime. When these travelers want to visit Iran for a second or third time, they naturally choose Pars Tourist Agency over and again to handle their travel logistics, and even encourage family, friends, and acquaintances to do the same.

We would like to appreciate our loyal clients who love our country and choose Pars Tourist Agency when they travel to Iran.

Regarding the above mentioned, all former clients who decide to travel to Iran for a second time or more through our agency should fill out Form Number 1 in order to receive a 7 % discount on Pars Tourist Agency’s tour conditions and services.

Also, all new customers who were referred to our agency through our loyal clients can fill out Form Number 2 and get a 5 % discount on Pars Tourist Agency’s tour conditions and services.

In addition, to show our appreciation to our former clients who refer new customers to us, Pars Tourist Agency will send to those clients a gift by post, such as a famous work of Persian literature by a well-known author like Hafiz, Sa’adi, Khayyam, or Ferdowsi.