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Iran Visa F.A.Q

1- Authorization Code, Authorization Number, Invitation Letter, and Reference Number are different terms having the same meaning.
2- It would be ok to arrive in Iran by means of public transportation, on bike, or on foot.
3- If you travel by private cars or motorcycle, please take tours according to MFA regulations, so that we can grant you visa.
4- The exact date of arrival in Iran is not necessary.
5- A 30 day period would be the maximum to stay in Iran. Your visa can be extended in Iran.
6- The Authorization code would be valid for 1 month, so within 1 month the visa attached to the passport should be stamped at the airport or at the embassy selected.
7- Once the visa attached to the passport is stamped at the embassy, you should arrive in Iran within 3 months. The date of your departure from Iran would be changeable.
8- The size of the photo send is not important. Your face should be clear in the photo. For women, there’s no need to cover their hair.
9- Only the front page of the passport is needed.
10- For more than one person, you can deposit the total sum into our account.
11- If you travel by land, there’s no need to fill in flight information in the application form.
12- There’s no need to book hotels and flight prior to issuing authorization code.
13- Authorization code issuing fee for kids is equal to that of adults.
14- Embassy fee is on the tourist.
15- Authorization code can only be used in the embassy mentioned in the application form.