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What is mountaineering?


According to definition, “Mountain Climbing” or “Mountaineering” is the sport in which a team, attempt to attain high points and peaks in mountains. The goal is mostly for enjoying and health.

In mountain climbing, despite other outdoor sports, only the nature provides the field of action. Mountaineering, with its expected and unexpected upcoming situations, measures the risk tolerability in turn of gaining at fantastic and unrepeated experience of watching nature from a unique view.

Mountain Climbing consists of three phases: hiking, Rock Climbing and Snow & Ice Climbing, each of which include wide variation of categories and even the most accomplished mountaineers will have varying degrees of competence in each.

Mountain Climbing, beside its risky nature, to a greater degree than other sports, emphasizes on need for group cooperation; because any mistake is too expensive. Mountain Climbing, beside its pleasure of “conquest”, fulfills the climbers with physical and spiritual satisfaction of consistency in tough situations and fighting for victory.


Hiking is a part of Mountaineering which cannot be separated from the definition. In Hiking, one foot is placed in front of another until reaching the destination. The most energy-consuming time in mountaineering it that spent hiking or climbing. In hiking one has enough opportunity focusing on visiting the nature around and enjoying that.


Rock climbing, is also an inseparable part of mountain climbing process. This technique is mostly practices on a local cliff in simple situation to get ready for the acting part. In Rock climbing one needs to master utilizing rope, controlling and rhythm.

 Iran, with its mountainous regions in west, center, north, east north and west north, and 30 peaks with altitude more than 3000 m, is a heaven for professional mountain climbers. Damavand, the highest point in Iran Plateau and the twelfth on the earth, with 5610 m altitude from Geoid, is located in northern part of Iran in Mazandaran province (north of city Tehran).

This geographical endowment of Iran land, attracts many tourists and mountain climbers to Iran and requires us to manage professional Mountain Climbing Tours. Pars Tourist Agency, as pioneer Travel Agency in south of Iran, has managed such professional service, leaded by professional mountain climbers, and Mountain Climbing official associations and organizations. Its service is delivered in English language and - in case of requirement - in French, Spanish, and German.

Emphasizing on professionalism in operation, mountain climbing concerns standards and techniques for well doing the job. What comes first is the safety, which includes nutrition, clothes and instruments, as well as your physical stability and your knowledge and capability of operating that knowledge. Therefor we need to get ready for the passion of climbing.



For any Climb, a minimum set of essentials, called Ten Essential Systems, is required. According to the academic Textbook “Freedom of the Hills, pp. 34-38” and mixed with the Knowledge of Mountaineering Research & Development Department of PTA they are suggested as what follows:

  1. Navigation Tools:  map, compass, and
  2. Sun Protection: sun screen, lip balm, sunglasses with side shields
  3. Insulation: “extra clothing for low temperature and low air pressure”
  4. Illumination:  headlamp with spare bulb and batteries
  5. First-aid Supplies
  6. Fire:  fire starter and matches
  7. Repair Kit and Tools:  “knife”
  8. Nutrition:  “extra food”, especially sweet and low fat food like dates
  9. Hydration: “extra water”

10. Emergency Shelter








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