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Letter of invitation for Iran Visa:

This is an official letter from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which enables you to collect your visa from your desired Iranian Consulate in your country or elsewhere. This letter will be issued based on your request and our application of the request through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Iran Visa:

This is a permit which is attached to your passport at an Iranian Consulate before you travel to Iran, or in an airport of Iran once you arrive in the country.  With this permit you have the necessary permission to enter Iran and stay there for a determined amount of time.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Visa Department within the MFA is responsible for issuing letters of invitation for tourists and businesspersons who want to visit Iran.


You can choose the Iranian Consulate which is nearest to your home where you can complete the visa process and from which you can collect your Iranian visa.

Embassy Fee:

This is the fee which an Iranian Consulate collects from a visa applicant for the processing and provision of a visa.

Invitation letter Fee: 

This is a fee which PTA receives from the client for processing of a visa.