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Gambil Strait



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95 km northwest of Shiraz on the northern edge of 3600 m Barm-e Firouz peak, next to the 3960 m Ronj peak, a gorgeous strait stretched out among which a lush river crosses. This strait exhibits the rich flora and splendid landscape of Zagros Mountains.



1. Gambil strait



Day 1: Head from Shiraz towards "Place of Paradise" (Behesht Makan) (100 km, 3 hrs). Some parts of this route are dirt road. Trek in the strait (2 hrs), stop to eat lunch (2 hrs) and then go on trekking (2 hrs). Set up tent for the overnight stay.  

Day 2: Trek along the strait to the furthermost point (4 hrs) to watch Ronj spring and the outlook of Barm-e Firouz peak. Finally return to Shiraz (3 hrs).



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Dining

4. Tent

5. Necessary equipment


Approximate tour duration: 2 days


Best time of operation: Late spring & summer

Gambil  Gambil