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Persia Wildlife Tour (7 Days)


    This is one of the newest tours which has been designed for eco-tourists and nature lovers. As a spoke and hub tour, your accomodation is in Shiraz and you have excursions around the city which is sorrounded by several protected areas and national parks! Each of these areas has unique wild life character and is worth of visit.

Let's explore the wild mother nature and help her to survive by starting an ecological trip!

Best time bracet for this tour is January, February, March, April, September, October, November, December.

Day 1  Excursion to Bamoo National Park

Estimated drive : 30 kmIran, Bamoo national park

Bamoo National Park with 48000 ha area is one of valuable parks in the country which is located near Shiraz. It is the home for variety of animals and plants. There are plants like Astragalus sp., Artemisia sp., Acanthophyllum sp. As well as some wild cats, gazelle, wild goat, eagle and more animals.


Day 2   Excursion to Tange Bostanak

Estimated drive : 60 km

Visiting Tange Bostanak Protected area.

Iran, Tange Bostanak Protected area

Iran, Tange Bostanak Protected area

There is a valuable area with many wild flowers and forest trees and animals like bear, goat and birds like Tihoo, Kabk (common and see-see partridge)











Day 3 Excursion to Margoon Waterfall protected area

Estimated drive: 90 km

Iran, Margoon waterfall protected areaIran, Margoon waterfall protected area 

Margon Waterfall Protected Area


Visiting Margoon protected area and surrounding heights. Flowers like fritillaria, Astragalus, rosaceae, papaver, probably dionysia and animals like bear could be explored.


Day 4 Excursion to Arjan and Parishan Lake

Estimated drive: 150 km


Visiting Arjan and Parishan lake and wetlands as a biosphere germplasm is worth. Different kind of birds like flamingo and egret as well as different plants and flowers are expected to be visited.


Day 5 Excursion to Dena Protected area

Estimated drive 180 km

Dena Protected Area

Dena Protected Area

                                                                        Views of Dena Protected Area


More than 1250 plant species including endemic tulips, fritillaria, papaver, scilla, puschkinia and animals like Ahoo live in this protected area.


Day 6-7 Trip to Bahram-E-Goor National Park and Bakhtegan Wild life refuge

Estimated drive 280 km (for 2 days)

Asian AssPleskei

This park is the home for Persian or Asian ass and you see many of these beautiful animals who live in peace. Also Pleskes or Zaghe Bour, an endemic bird to Iran could probably be seen in this park.