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Shesh Pir to Barm-e Firouz


iran,fars,sheshpir lake There are two lakes on top of the northwest peaks near Shiraz. One is Shesh Pir located at 2200 m and the other is Barm-e Firouz at 3200 m above sea level. A scenic route passes between these two mesmerizing lakes along which you can have a perspective of Ronj peaking at 3600 m. In spring the abundance of Crown Imperials and the medicinal herbs multiplies the beauty of this region. This tour is suggested to professional and semi-professional cyclists.



1. Shesh Pir Lake

2. Shesh Pir spring

3. Barm-e Firouz Lake

4. Natural sceneries around Ronj summit



Transport the bikes and bikers to Shesh Pir Lake (about 60 km) and enjoy breakfast near it. Start cycling towards Shesh Pir spring (30 mins) and visit the spring (30 mins). Ride to Ronj Shelter (1:30 hr) to rest and relax (30 mins). Then ride towards Barm-e Firouz Lake (2 hrs) and visit the lake (3 hrs). Finally return to Shiraz via Se Chah col and Margoon road (2 hrs).


1. Transport (Pickup truck)

2. Cyclist tour guide

3. Breakfast, lunch and refreshment (optional)

4. Bicycle



Approximate tour duration: One full day



Best time of operation: April until October