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Walking City Tour to the Old Parts



Shiraz used to be the capital of Iran during Zand Dynasty(17th AD) which governed by Karim khan  and he built numerous historical sites in this city with an exotic architectural style.Selecting this tour, gives you  the opportunity to visit this complex up-close.



1. Karim Khan Citadel

2. Pars Museum

3. Vakil Mosque

4. Vakil Bazaar

5. Saray-e Moshir

6. Madressa-e Khan

7. Narenjistan-e Qavam

8. Nasir-ol Molk Mosque




Start off the tour at 15:00 from the city center. Visit Karim Khan Citadel (30 min), then walk towards Pars museum (30 min) and Vakil Mosque to visit its most unique stone pillars (30 min). Head for Bazzar to wander through its traditional architecture (1:30 hr). Take a stroll within the old parts of the city towards Nasir-ol Molk Mosque and immerse yourselves in its beauties (30 min). Finally go to see Naranjestan (30 min) and its unique stucco mirrors and return to the city center.



1. Tour guide

2. Refreshment

3. Entrance fee



Approximate tour duration: 5 hrs

Saraye Moshir  Vakil Bazar

Madreseh Khan (Khan School)  Arg Karimkhan (Karimkhan citadel)