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The environment

 We’re doing our best in our holdings, Pars Tourist Agency & Niayesh Boutique Hotel, to keep water, soil, air, sea, and forest fresh and clean.

 Environmental conservation & sustainable development at Pars Tourist Agency


1- The truth of the matter is that Iran's transport fleet is very worn out due to sanctions and means of transportation cause much air and noise pollution. The company has offered to sponsor Iranian professional drivers so that they can update their vehicles and finally improve Iran's transport fleet. We’re trying to use vehicles well supplied with Euro 4 & 5 standards, ABS brakes and airbags. We expect our customers, taking into account the differences in our transport fleet, to agree on paying a little more to ensure their safety and help us protect the environment.


2- To protect the environment, we ask our drivers to switch their cars off in park mode, and never to repair or wash their cars in nature. We also ask them to secure our customers’ lives and stuff by observing traffic regulations.


3- On its weekly tours, PTA’s nature team tries to collect garbage from nature, and they plant a tree or bush in the area.

4-In PTA’s education center, English-speaking tour guides and young job hunters can attend French/Spanish/German classes free of charge. They will later become experienced professional guides by taking training courses and playing their role as assistant guides. Finally, they improve their social skills to create more interactions, improve tourism, and ultimately make peace in the world.


5- Pars Tourist is a supporter of humanitarian groups and environmental advocates and young organizations, and is committed to working hard to cope with the problem of unemployment and preserve the natural flora and fauna in the country.

6- In its tour itineraries, PTA has always tried to include less known towns and villages featuring tourist attractions. Supporting the economies of small communities and empowering them is a top priority for Pars Tourist Agency. 


 Environmental conservation & sustainable development in Niayesh Hotel:

1- The entire hotel building has a low-power central heating and cooling system. We use gas chillers or low-power electric chillers for cooling. And for heating, we use modern boilers favoring condensing system for high-efficiency and low gas consumption.

2- In Niayesh Hotel, waste sorting occurs at the source. Food remains turn into animal food using driers and degreasers, and we attempt to provide healthy food for our hotel guests by breeding livestock and poultry on the farms in the country.

3- All plastics and recyclable materials are sorted and carried to recycling centers on a daily basis.

4- Despite being located in the historic cultural district of Shiraz, Niayesh hotel lacks access to the urban sewage system. Therefore, it plans to have its own sewage system by mid-2019 so as to use sewage extracted water to wash old district’s alleys clean and make a green neighborhood.  

5- All of the hotel's electric devices are energy-saving with maximum efficiency.

6- To support the national economy, the producer is our top priority in shopping for equipment and facilities for the hotel : 1. Niayesh Hotel’s local workers and masters 2. People from Shiraz and Fars province 3. Iranian people 4. People from Middle East and Asia.