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Ascending Dena Western Ridge

iran_shiraz_dena kouh


1. Altitude: Climbing more than 12 mounts 4000+ m in 5 days, highest peak: 4341 m 

2. Geographical index:

     a. From Khafr village: 30° 59' 41,77" N,      51° 28' 49,16" E

      b. To the village of Mandegan: 51° 26' 45,13" N,       51° 26' 45,71" E

3. Best Time: Mid Spring till late summer 

4. Position: Ab Malakh Village 225 km northwest of Shiraz, 243 km south of Esfahan

5. Sort: Sedimentary  

6. Launch Spot height: 2000 m (Ab Malakh)  

7. Sketch 

8. Grade


The tour starts from Shiraz.


Day 1:

Drive from Shiraz to the village of Ab Malakh. Visit the beauties of Ab Malakh including the special construction of local apple, walnut and pomegranate gardens. Stay overnight in that region to make ready for the next days alpinism.


Day 2:

Start off climbing towards Kal Ghodveis summit (4341 m) via passing Atabaki pass. Visit the exotic landscapes of Zagros including the springs, glaciers and the tall and beautiful rocky walls. Stay overnight near Kal Ghodveis peak.

Totally 11 days climbing.


Day 3:

Continue climbing along the ridge. Pass Kal Sheida (4327 m) and Kal Bolbol (4319 m) peaks. Hike along Lay Nokhod col and climb Chal Dehli peak (4162 m). Finally descend to the lowest heights, set up tent near Chal Dehli peak to stay overnight.

Totally 10 hours climbing in 4000 m altitude.


Day 4:

Early in the morning go on climbing to the eastern Poutak col, along the way pass near eastern (4135 m) and western (4118 m) Khersan peaks and climb Kal Ovarezni peak (4170 m). Stay overnight in the eastern Poutak pass.

Totally 10 hrs trekking in 4000 m height.


Day 5:

Hike from the eastern Poutak col towards the village of Khafr.  Visit the splendid gardens and waterfalls of Khafr and the extraordinary Kaladoun gorge.


Day 6:

Drive to Esfahan and visit the highlights along the way.