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Firouz Abad & the Nomads


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Beside fascinating nature ,Firouzabad contains some great monumets remained from Sassanid dynasty.Since the historical monuments and the nomads of Firouz Abad are marvelous attractions which woth being visited, P.T.A operates daily tours for tourists who intend to visit Firouz Abad.

The tours are operated daily at a set price even for one person.



1. Ghal'e Dokhtar

2. Ardeshir Palace

3. Nomads



Leave Shiraz for Firouz Abad (105 km, 1:30 hr) at 7:30 a.m., visit Ghal'e Dokhtar (2 hrs). Then drive to Ardeshir Palace (1 hr) and subject to conditions visit the nomads (1 hr). Finally return to Shiraz (1:30 hr).



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Refreshment

4. Entrance fee


Approximate tour operation: One full day

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