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Sabz Pooshan



In the south of Shiraz there is a place where the combination of a spring, a shrine and a lake  plus the growth of water lilies made such a combination which worth  makeing a  half day trekking excursion.



1. Pir Banou spring

2. Pol Berenji meadow & the water lilies

3. Sabz Poushan shrine & the surrounding verdant region

4. Landscape of the plain of Shiraz from the southern part



In the afternoon depart Shiraz towards Pir Banou spring to visit (2 hrs). Drive to Pol Berenji (1 hr) and then to Sabz Poushan from where we will trek upwards (2 hrs). Have tea near the shrine (1 hr) and return downwards (1 hr). Finally return to Shiraz (1 hr).



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Tea and Snack


Approximate tour duration: A half day

Best time of operation: Spring