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Lost Paradise (Behesht-e Gom Shodeh) to Place of Paradise (Behesht Makan)



120 km northwest of Shiraz in the "Lost Paradise" protected area (NW 330) and over the "Lost Paradise" strait on the outskirt of the mountain lies a village which is not reachable by any vehicle but only by foot. This village has friendly dwellers, intact landscape and tranquility. You should traverse a scenic route to reach these wonderful places for a full day excursion.



1. Lost Paradise Protected Area

2. Jiderzar village

3. Wonderful landscapes of Zagros & the unique flora



Early in the morning head for "Lost Paradise" from Shiraz (120 km, 1:30 hrs). Have breakfast and then trek (4 hrs) from "Lost Paradise" to "Place of Paradise". En route make stops in Jiderzar (1:30 hrs) and Gerdou Kandak for refreshment and lunch. 



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Breakfast, lunch & refreshment

4. Mule (to carry the loads)


Approximate tour duration: A half day


Best time of operation: Spring & summer

Behesht e Makan Beheshte Gomshodeh