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Laizangan Strait near Darab




The historical city of Darab, well-known as the citrus paradise of Iran, is located 375 km southeast of Shiraz. On the outskirts of a mountain in the vicinity of Darab lies a gorgeous village, the reaching path to which stretches amongst woods rich with flora and rose bushes. By choosing this tour, you have the opportunity of spending a night in this incredible village.



1. Darabgerd & Necropolis of Darab

2. Villages on the way

3. Laizangan waterfall and the Protected Region



Day 1: Depart towards Darab (300 km, 4 hrs). Visit the historical monuments of Darab (3 hrs) and then hit the road to Laizangan (57 km, 1hr). Climb to the village located on top of the strait and set up tent to lodge in.

Day 2: Visit the region and hike downward (3 hrs). Finally return to Shiraz (4 hrs).



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Dining

4. Camp

5. Necessary equipment


Approximate tour duration: 2 days


Best time of operation: Spring, summer & autumn

 Flower garden in Lizengan"