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Momtaz Cave


Entrance of the cave

40 km northeast of Shiraz near the historical monument of Necropolis, Momtaz cave lies on top of a huge rock. This cave is not giant but full of stalagmites and stalactites. A charming pool inside, also multiplies to its beauty. To reach Momtaz, you should trail about 7 m and climb the rock with the aid of some necessary equipment. Exploring this cave is recommended only to skillful cavers and climbers.



1. Necropolis

2. Momtaz Cave



Travel from Shiraz to the cave (1 hr). Visit Necropolis en route (1 hr) and then continue again to the cave (1 hr). Ascend the mount to reach the entrance (2 hrs) and then immerse yourself in the cave (3 hrs). Finally descend (2 hrs) and return to Shiraz (1 hr).




1. Transport

2. Caver tour guide

3. Necessary equipment



Approximate tour duration: One full day



Best time of operation: All year round except rainy and snowy days""