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From Amir abad to Darius Dam



The rivers in the historical countries like Iran are the direction of civilizations formation. Along a river stretched near Persepolis a collection of pre-Islamic and Islamic historical monuments are sited. Amir Dam dates back to the pre-Islamic eras and Darius dam, one of the greatest dams in Iran which is estimated of being built in the Achaemenid era are among those.

In this tour you will visit the beauties and attractions between Darius and Amir Dams.



1. Amir Dam

2. Darius Dam

3. Some unknown historical monument along Kor River



Leave Shiraz for Amir Dam (1 hr) and visit (30 mins). Then head for Darius Dam and visit the attractions along the way (3 hrs). Visit Darius Dam (1 hr). Finally return to Shiraz (1 hr).



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Refreshment


Approximate tour duration: One full day



Best time of operation: Summer"