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Persian Gulf

iran,sunset in persian gulf


Due to being only 270 km far from Shiraz, visiting the bluish Persian Gulf which stretched far and wide in the southern end of Iran will be a great highlight for the visitors of Shiraz. Solitude coasts, tropical landscapes and tranquilizing ambiance of Persian Gulf are very much awaiting for your visit.



1. Monuments along Shiraz to Genaveh port

2. Persian Gulf and swimming in it subject to conditions



Early morning depart Shiraz for Genaveh port (4 hrs). Transfer to the coasts as soon as reaching Genaveh. Choose a beautiful and solitude coast to set up tent and swim in the gulf (if possible). Return to Shiraz (4 hrs) and visit Sarab-e Bahram (1 hr) and Chogan strait (1 hr) along the way.



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Dining


Approximate tour duration: One full day


Best time of operation: Autumn & winter