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Shesh Pir




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65 km northwest of Shiraz under a huge mountain lies a lush spring in front of the 3600 m Ronj mount outskirts. The locals consider this 2200 m high spring as sacred and its seeping qualitative water is utilized for bottled mineral water. In the vicinity of this sacred spring a 40000 m wide fresh water lake is located which is fed by some springs inflow. The average depth of this lake is 3 to 11 meters, yet the exact central depth has not been estimated. In winter this lake freezes completely solid and creates a breathtaking vista.



1. Shesh Pir Lake

2. Shesh Pir Spring

3. View of Ronj peak



Early in the morning depart for Shesh Pir Lake (1:30 hrs). Visit the lake from different positions. Then trek to Shesh Pir Spring and pay a visit to that. Have lunch and return to Shiraz.



1. Transport

2. Tour guide (optional)

3. Breakfast, lunch & refreshment (optional)


Approximate tour duration: Half a day

Best time of operation: All year round""