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Bovan Strait



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The heights of southern Zagros which stretches from the northwest to the southwest of Fars province are like a colossal reservoir of precipitation which releases in the form of springs, rivers and waterfalls throughout the plains. Bovan region is one of these places located 135 km west of Shiraz. This region, in Tabary history book, has been cited as one of the four paradises on earth in Arabs' point of view when invaded Iran. The stream of water flowing through oak and walnut woods makes incredible scenery.



1. Bovan Region

2. Noorabad spa



Depart for Bovan region via Sepidan road (2:30 hrs). Visit the region (3 hrs) and finally return to Shiraz via Noorabad to enjoy the spa (3 hrs).



1. Transport

2. Tour guide (optional)

3. Breakfast and lunch (optional)


Approximate tour duration: One full day


Best time of operation: All year round""                         "                      "