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Golab (Rose Water) Distillation in Meimand



142 km south of Shiraz is a region called Meimand famed as the city of flowers in Fars province. In springtime, the growth of roses (Mohammadi) and a variety of wild flowers beautifully garnish the region with myriads of colors and perfumes. Another big plus of this tour is the rose distillation workshops to which you will pay a visit.



1. Greatest wild fields of rose in the world

2. Workshops of the best herbal distillates



Start the day off departing Shiraz to Meimand (2 hrs) and have breakfast near Shah Bahrami fountain (1 hr). Spend the rest of your day savoring the beauties of Meimand and visiting the herbal distillation workshops. At noon hit the road back to Shiraz (2 hrs).



1. Transport

2. Tour guide (optional)

3. Dining (optional)


Approximate tour duration: A half day


Best Time of operation: 20 April until 15 May