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Freestyle Ski



The southern and central parts of Zagros Mountains are the best places for freestyle skiing in winter. Being familiar with the best places for skiing in this region, we can lead you towards those. This tour is a good opportunity as a sample of the best landscapes where you can stay even for some days.

This tour is only suggested to professional skiers.



1. Barm-e Firouz 3600 m high Lake in winter

2. Shesh Pir Lake and spring



Leave Shiraz to Poolad Kaf ski resort (90 km, 1:30 hrs). Climb the mountain (2 hrs) to reach Barm-e Firouz Lake (carry the equipment on a mule). Ski from Barm-e Firouz to Shesh Pir on Zagros outskirts (5 hrs). Finally return to Shiraz (1 hr, 65 km).



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Appropriate ski amenities if needed

4. Necessary permission


Approximate tour duration: One full day


Best time of operation: 1 December until late March