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Pars Tourist Agency , The Key to Persia


  • Tour Packages

  • A Glance of Persia

    (8 days)

       Iran, Nashine Group

     Experiences the history and culture of Iran as a wonderful country in somehow a different way.Glance of Persia is a professional and comprehensive preface which summarizes a 100 page book in a single!

       Standard: 530 GBP More

    Luxury: 680 GBP More



  •  Open-Jaw Persia with Turkish airline

    (11-Day tour)

    Iran, Stefano Abbadessa Group


    Nowadays with the worthy presence of Turkish airline company in different cities of Iran, appropriate conditions for the travelers to Iran is now ready...

     Iranlife : 590 GBP 

    Standard : 840 GBP

    Luxury: 1000 GBP




    Open-Jaw Persia with Turkish airline

    (12-Day tour)

    Iran, Isfahan, Marko Dugalic


    Nowadays with the worthy presence of Turkish airline company in different cities of Iran, appropriate conditions for the travelers to Iran is now


    Standard : 990 GBP

    Luxury: 1040 GBP


  • Treasure of Persia

     (12 Days)


    Iran, Shiraz, Italo group


    Treasure of Persia is one of our most sold tours during last decade. This tour is like a precise map with a perfect timetable...

     Iranlife : 650 GBP More

    Standard : 920 GBP More

    Luxury: 990 GBP More

  • Persian Time Machine  

    (15 Days)


    Iran, Shiraz, Pars tourist agency, Guido


    If you choose Persian time machine tour you will visit the primitive and modern civilizations via travelling to Chogha zanbil, Susa, Shushtar, Bishaboor... 

    Iranlife: 850 GBP  More

    Standard: 1150 GBP More

    Luxury: 1390 GBP More



  •  Romance of Persia

     (16 Days) 


    Iran, Fars,


    Iran is a country of rich history and spectacular architectural marvels....

    Iranlife : 890 GBP More

    Standard : 1300 GBP More

    Luxury : 1430 GBP More

    Best Time : Spring, Summer, Fall

  • Glories of Persia

     (16 Days)



    In Glories of Persia we will visit a collection of beauties of cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, Bam, Rayn, Mahan, Kerman, Zeinoddin, Yazd, .....

    Iranlife: 920 GBP More

    Standard: 1350 GBP More

    Luxury: 1450 GBP More



    Iran Manzel Tour

    (16 Days)


    Manzel tour is a real experience of travelling of eastern people before the invention of cars. Hundred years ago Iranians traveled through forests and deserts by camels and horses.

    Standard: 1390 GBP More

  • Paradise in Persia

    (17 Days)

    Iran, Isfahan, Imam square


    Most beautiful beaches, most lovely ski resorts, starry sky of desert, oldest forests of the world, ... are among the glorious beauties of Paradise of Persia.

    Standard: 1500 GBP More










    Brilliant Persia 


    Iran, Vera



    Brilliant of Persia is a complete and outstanding traveling to Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Takab, Tabriz, Kaleibar....


    Standard: 1690 GBP More


    iran,farsPerfect Persia

    (26 Days)


    For those who wish to observe a collection of archaeological, historical and beautiful architecture along with continental and ethnical.


    Standard: 2015 GBP More


    Iranian Cheetah tour

    ( 17 days )

    Iran, Iranian cheetah, Kushki


    If you think about an itinerary different from those the rest of tourist who go to Iran take, this is exactly what fits you.

    Click here ! dont even hesitate !  

    So do it and kill two birds with one stone.



    Train Tour (24-Day Tour)

    Train Tour

    (24-Day Tour)

    Enjoy the beauties of Iran with a train tour.

  • Iran, Then & Now

    (15 Days) 


    Iran, then and now

     Acombined Dubai-Iran tour for the North American and European travelers who like to take part in once in a lifetime adventure tour.After numerous live shows of “Iran,Then and Now” in the USA, this tour has been sold well.


    iran, people skiing in dizin ski resortSki, Sun, Sea,Sand & Summit

    (21 Days)

    You will have the chance to enjoy skiing in dreamy Alborz, swimming in the pearl of Persian Gulf and Kish, safari in Shahdad desert...

    Standard: 990 GBP  More


  • iran, sunset in gheshm

    Chabahar to Bazargan

    (24 Days)


    For the convenience of all tourists who have the desire to visit Iran, PTA plans an itinerary to cross Iran.Depart Chabahar on first Monday of each month.


    Tour price: 1150 GBP More

  • iran, nature of abyaneh


    Bazargan to Chabahar

    (26 Days)


    For the convenience of all tourists who desire to travel through Iran PTA plans an itinerary to cross Iran. Depart Bazargan every last Wednesday of each month. In this itinerary we provide visa, car and guide...

    Tour price: 1150 GBP More



    Iran, pasargadaeB2B, FAM Trips

     PTA has developed “B2B FAM” Trips to familiarize Managers of Travel Agencies,  and Leaders of Affinity Groups with More...




    Combined Iran-Istanbul Tour

      Buddy Hatton

    The "Iran, Then and Now Tour" is the result of the mutual cooperation of PTA and Mr. Buddy Hatton More...


  • Nature Tours



    Iran Trekking Tours 


    iran trekking tours



    The nature of Iran has various climates due to the special geographical situation. You can experience most of nature tours in Iran.



    Avicennia marina


    Avicennia (7 Days)

    We operate this 7 day tour for the specialists, reaserchers, students or public who are interested in visiting semi-tropical flora and fauna in south of country.... (find more details on Eco Tour Department)



    Susane-chelcheragh eco-tour

    Wild Flowers of Iran (7 Days) 


       This tour has been designed for botanists, students, professors and also for people who are interested to visit variety of flora and fauna and beautiful sceneries of Iran.

  • bee



    Persia Wildlife (7 Days)


    This tour is special for nature lovers and tourists who are interested in Iran wild life, plants and flowers, rural areas and natural landscapes and committed to eco-tourism and responsible travel (IUCN and TIES rules and regulations)




    1 Week in Zagros Mountain 

    Dena Protected Area


    Zagros mountain is the home for kind and hospitable people of this part of the country. In this tour, you are invited to visit Zagros Mountain, it's beautiful nature, people and their traditions, farming, wild life, natural and cultural attractions.