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Outdoor Adventure

Thinking about outdoor adventures in Iran? Yet not sure as to what to choose and where to go? Let us be your guiding star as we take the opportunity to provide the details on which outdoor adventure you can indulge into and when and where you can go chasing your passion in Iran. Iran, known as “Land of four seasons” is a land of massive adventure opportunities. Across the length and breadth of the country one is able to find multiple opportunities to plunge in the activities that not only instigate adrenaline rush but also transcend one to the world of fearlessness. However, there are some activities and there are a few places that fit like a glove, which means when a right adventure sport is attempted at a right destination, the fun and thrill multiplies. Here are some outdoor adventure hacks that you must reach out for on your trip in Iran.

Cycling adventures are the perfect means to explore destinations at a relaxed pace. Lets know about the wonderful cycling experience in Iran.

the vast country of Iran has many tourist areas and has been considered due to its suitable climate, which has attracted tourists to this country.

Iran,with its mountainous regions in west, center, north, east north and west north,is a heaven for professional mountain climbers .Lets read more about it!

Iran with its geographical diversity of forests, mountains,..., brings hikers with the field needed to enjoy trekking and hiking. Let's know about trekking in Iran

Iran Off-Road runs in desert, jungle and mountain.The most popular one is off-road in desert,Here you can read about the Best places for a desert safari in Iran.

In ancient time until some recent advancement in chemistry in the latest century, astronomy had always been defined as the study of celestial bodies.

Thanks to amazing geographical condition of this land,Iran has natural places for unforgettable swimming and scuba experience.In this article,we would like to go to part of natural swimming places in Iran.

A vast part of Iran is desert and you can read everything about Iran desert in this article. Central part of Iran is almost included 32,500,000 Hectares of desert area which is included Dasht- Kavir and Lut desert.

When travelers think of Iran and started their planning to visit Iran, they mostly think about the historical points of the country,while,Iran is very rich in nature in different aspects.read more about caves in iran.

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport Due to good environmental availabilities in Iran,a lot of people try to experience this adventure.now paragliding training and facilities are available in iran.

Iran is one of the largest and most populous countries in the region, which is located between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf with a unique position.Iran, located in southwest Asia, leads south to the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf, North to the Caspian Sea.

Iran is a country of four seasons due to its different climatic conditions.This climatic difference along with the geographical difference has created very beautiful natural landscapes in Iran.Changes in altitude,temperature and precipitation and many climatic variables create landscapes

Iran Land, which is located on the Iran plateau, is in 40% covered by mountains which are covered by snow in more than 1/3 of a year. These snowy mountains are a heaven for skier who would like to enjoy ski in natural platforms.