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Be rest assured that the representative carrying our agency’s logo will wait at the gate till the last passenger exits. If you happen to miss our representative, you can find him at the information counter where he will wait for an hour ( in Imam Khomeini Airport you can going to the Amir Chocolate cafe Have a tea on there and wait for our representative ). Our representative will make an announcement every 10 minutes for “Pars Tourist Passenger” and he will also mention the name of the group leader. If you still cannot manage to find our representative you can page him or call the travel agency manager's cell phone at +989171118514 or call  our Tehran office +982133920218.

 If you miss your flight or change your schedule, please do not hesitate to inform us by phone:



travel agency manager's :  +98 9171118514 you can call us by telegram or whatsApp

our Tehran office :  +982133920218

Night Answering phone :  +987132233622

our agent in Imam Khomeini  Airport : +989337767296



International Airports: 

Tehran has two international airports:

1. Mehr Abad (Local) Airport which is located in the west of Tehran.

2. Imam Khomeini International Airport which is about 30 km south of Tehran.