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Lion and Sun Tour (13 Day Tour)

The Lion and Sun is one of the main emblems of Iran, and between 1846 and 1980 was an element in Iran's national flag. The motif, which illustrates ancient and modern Iranian traditions, became a popular symbol in Iran in the 12th century.
The motif has many historical meanings. First, as a scientific and secular motif, it was only an astrological and zodiacal symbol. Under Safavid and the first Qajar kings, it became more associated with Shia Islam. During the Safavid era, the lion and sun stood for the two pillars of society, the state and the Islamic religion. The lion could be interpreted as a metaphor for Ali, for the heroes of Iran who are ready to protect the country against enemies, or for its ancient meaning as the symbol of kingship. The Sun has alternately been interpreted as symbol of the king, Jamshid, the mythical king of Iran, and the motherland.
The symbol of Lion and Sun was marked as bravery and good sprit of Iranians. In this tour you will be familiar with the mystery of a country that had this symbol in its flag for many years.
This tour to Iran is the preferred one by most travelers visiting the country for the first time; it includes the main tourist sites of historical and cultural interest. 


iran, tehran, azadi square
Day 1: arrive Tehran, visit Tehran
Tehran, with a population of about 16 million was the settlement of the last two dynasties that ruled the country, Qajar and Pahlavi. Home to many monuments of historical and cultural interest, as well as key government buildings of modern times.

dawn arrival.

Transfer to the hotel where you can rest for a few hours. (Transfer Infomation)

Tehran visit:

Morning: Visit to the National Museum.

Afternoon: National Jewels Museum, and Museum of carpets.
Overnight at hotel in Tehran.
Iran, Shiraz, Citadelle Karimkhan
Day 2: visit Tehran, train to Shiraz
Tehran visit:

Morning: Visit to the monumental complex of Saad Abad and the Museum of Ceramics and Glass.

Afternoon: transfer to the station to take the night train to Shiraz.
Iran, Shiraz, Hafez tomb
Day 3: visit Shiraz
 City balmy weather, is considered one of the oldest cities of classical Persia and regional center for commerce for over a thousand years.

Cultural center for the arts and letters, Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature, wine and flowers, or the city of gardens.

Visit Shiraz:

Morning: Visit the Castle of Karim Khan, Nasir Almolk mosque, the mosque and Vakil Bath, Vakil Bazaar.

Afternoon: temples and gardens of poets Hafez and Saadi mausoleum of Ali Ebn e Hamzeh, Jahan Nama Garden, Garden Tomb Khajoy Kermani and Delgosha.

Overnight at hotel in Shiraz.
iran, shiraz, persepolis
Day 4: Persepolis, Naqshe Rustam and Pasargadae.
Visit the ancient city of Persepolis (the capital of the Achaemenid Empire), Naghhe Rustam (rocky wall with four royal tombs Achaemenid bas-relief) and Pasargadae (Cyrus the Great Monument).
Overnight at hotel in Shiraz.








Iran, Lut  Dessert
Day 5: drive to Lut Desert
Great Salt Desert, whose name means "Empty Desert" is the hottest place on earth.
Transfer to Lut desert.
Trekking through the desert.
Overnight in traditional house in the village of Dolat Abad.









iran, kerman, mahan
Day 6: visit Bam, Mahan and Rayen
Bam, famous for its citadel, the VI VI centuries BC, was the building of the world's largest adobe. The earthquake of December 26, 2003, in which 26,271 people died and 30,000 were injured, almost completely destroyed the citadel.
Visit the ruins of the citadel of Bam.
Visit the tomb of the great Sufi leader Shah Neemat ollah Vali and Shazdeh Garden (Prince Garden) in Mahan.
Visit Rayen Castle.
Overnight at hotel in Kerman or Mahan.
iran, zeinoddin caravanserai
Day 7: drive to Zeinoddin
Safavid fourteenth century building is located in the heart of the desert and served as a resting place for caravans merchants of the Silk Road.
It has been restored and has received two awards from UNESCO in 2005 and 2006. Transfer to Zeinoddin Caravanserai.
Afternoon and evening in the caravanserai.
iran, yazd, mosque
Day 8: drive to Yazd, visit Yazd
Yazd is the driest major city of the country and center of the ancient culture of Zoroastrianism climate. It has a unique architecture adapted to the desert that surrounds it. It is known for the high quality of its handicrafts, especially silk weaving delicate and delicious sweets place.Transfer to Yazd.
Yazd visit: Visit the Jameh mosque and the monumental complex Tekieh Amir Chakhmagh.
Overnight at hotel in Yazd.
Iran, Yazd
Day 9: visit Yazd
Yazd visit: Visit the Temple of Zoroastrian fire, the Towers of Silence and wind towers.
Overnight at hotel in Yazd.






Iran, Isfahan, SioSepol
Day 10: drive to Isfahan via visiting Nain
Isfahan is one of the largest cities in the world and capital of the Persian empire twice. Still it retains much of its former glory and splendor with its beautiful boulevards, bridges, palaces, mosques and minarets. There is a Persian proverb "Esfahān NESF-e Jahan ast" (Isfahan is half the world).
En route to Isfahan Visit the village Nain.
Isfahan visit: Visit to the historic bridges of Isfahan (Kaju and Sioseh Pol ...)
Overnight at hotel in Isfahan.
Iran, Isfahan, Ali Qapu
Day 11: visit Isfahan
Visit the Great Square of Isfahan Naghsh E Jahan (one of the largest in the world), Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque, Palace Chehel Sotun (Forty Columns) and Hasht Behesht Palace.
Overnight at hotel in Isfahan.







Iran, Kashan, Fin Garden
Day 12: visit Isfahan, drive to Kashan via visiting Abyaneh on the way

Visit Isfahan: Jame mosque, Vank and Armenian Cathedral Mausoleum of Sufi mystic Jomban Monar.
Transfer to Kashan en route visit the UNESCO recognized village of Abyaneh, located at the foot of Mount Karkas and in the vicinity of desert. here we will appreciate the serenity of this quaint village with its splendid archaeology and meet the dwellers who speak, live and dress in the original Persian style.
Overnight at hotel in  Kashan.



Day 13: visit Kashan, transfer to IKA and depart Iran
Kashan visit.
Kashan to visit Fin Garden, the historic Casas Tabatabace and Borojerdiha
And the Agha Bozorg Mosque.
 Transfer to IKA and depart Iran the land of warmth and hospitality with fond memories.
 Services included:
  • Invitation letter of Iran visa
  • 10 nights' accommodation in a double room in a 3 or 4 star, 1 night traditional accommodation, 1 night in night train
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • 13 days transportation across Iran
  • 13 days experienced English speaking guide
  • Entrance fees to all mentioned monuments