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Qeysarie bazaar (Grand bazar of Isfahan)

Qeysarie bazaar or Grand bazar of Isfahan


Grand Bazaar of Isfahan that relic of the Safavid era Built as a symbol of power, dedicated to the traders and merchants of Persia is located on the Naqsh-e Jahan Square in  downtown of Isfahan ;which was one of the largest and luxurious trading centers in the country in that era .

Grand bazaar also known as : Qeysarie bazaar , Soltani bazaar, Isfahan Bazaar , Bazaar-e Bozorg or  Naghsh-e Jahan Bazaar .





 Qeysarie bazaar  (Grand bazar of Isfahan)

Isfahan grand bazaar can show all structural principles of historical Iranian bazaars , Just like other markets in the Iran, the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan is in a close distance to the mosque.

Bazaar-e Bozorg in Isfahan which is roofed is as big as two kilometers and connects the old square (Atigh Square) to the new one which is the Naghsh-e Jahan Square and works as a transition element .


When you enter the Qeysarie bazaar you step into a treasure house of art . 

The map of the bazaar is Like a tree !

Grand bazaar has a main axis and numerous branches. The cross roads or junctions are called Char- Su  or Chaharsuq(literally means four directions) which is well-decorated brick domes on the top .

 Timche are some gardens or open spaces in the bazaar with surroundings shops.



Grand Bazaar contain some Rasteh as follows:

•         Orian bazaar

•         Harounie

•         Nimavard-e Golshan

•         Makhlas

•         Samavarsazha (Samovarmakers)

•         Maqsudbeyk


 Also in bazaar You can enjoy to see the live gallery of handicrafts and also the Safavid and Qajar constructions, like :

•         Saray-e Golshan

•         Nimavar Theological School

•         Sadr School

•         Timcheh Malek 


On the top of the Qeysarie Gate, not so long ago, there used to be structure called ”Nagharehkhaneh”, where music would be played at sunrise and sunset.


There are many goods available in the Qeysarie Bazaar as well as workshops to make handicrafts. The main commercial activities in This historical grand market are carpet and kilim selling . 

The bazaar is not only full of history and attractive architecture, but it is perfect place to pick up local handicrafts (like Vitreous enamel, Khatam ) , spices , clothes, fabrics, gold, food, shoes, souvenirs, ornaments or other goods as a souvenir .

They are nice souvenirs for those who would like to have something to remind them of their trip to half of the world, Isfahan.


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