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Jahan Nama Garden


Baghe Jahan Nama or Jahan Nama garden is one of the oldest gardens of Shiraz which is being fed with Rokni river. This garden probably is dates back to Safavid  era , but after the extinction of the Safavid Dynasty , this garden almost destroyed .

In the reign of Karim Khan Zand, this garden was renovated and they built a pavilion in it . They fenced the garden and they organized the structure of the plantings around the mansion. In Qajar Era, the garden hosted guests of the government.



Jahan Nama garden is located at entrance of Shiraz city in specific tourist area . Tomb of Hafez , National Library of documents , Khwaju Kermani tomb,Haft Tanan mausoleum , Quran gate, Baba Koohi, National Garden, Cradle of vision are located in the neighborhood . so we recommend to schedule visiting all of them .

 Establishing Jahan Nama Complex with traditional interior design increases the harmony and beauty of this region.

This garden like all classic persian garden arrangement  divided to four broad avenues have been bordered with cypresses and orange trees and there is a pavilion located in the heart of the garden .

Main building of gardens is a mansion known as “Kolah Farangi” . This pavilion contains an internal fountain pool that made by marble. The octagon mansion has four alcoves, each corner has an alcove. The facade of this mansion is made of brick. This mansion functions as a Contemporary Objects museum right now.

In the center of one of the four avenues from the central pavilion is a long rill, lined with 64 fountains, which stretches nearly to the garden wall.



Jahan Nama Garden

The number 8 is a theme: 8 cypresses on each of the main paths, 8 sections to the long rill, 8 fountains to each section etc. Some very old cypresses survive. There are large areas of colourful planting in geometric flower beds yellow and purple pansies, red, purple and white stock. A pergola is being developed over one avenue path. Many benches are provided for visitors.

In April the air is heavy with the scent of orange blossom. Beyond the dark cypresses lining the arcaded boundary walls are views to the rocky Zagros mountains

On the southern part of the garden, also, lies a coffee shop.









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