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Pasargadae is a city built by Cyrus II the great and located in Murghab plain surrounded by arid mountains in southwestern Iran’s Fars province. In fact, Pasargadae is located 130 Km from Shiraz.

It was the first dynastic and spacious capital of Iranian tribes and the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus II also known as Cyrus the Great as the pioneer of world peace who helped shape Asian history in 6th century BC . It is symbolically the heart of the Persian Empire. Today, it is an archaeological site and inscribe on Iran’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tomb of Cyrus the Great located in Pasargadae and it is the most important monument of it and it is a focal point for visitors, travelers, historians, and archaeologists to Pasargadae.


Why Visit the Pasargadae Complex?

  • One of the heritages of global register of Iran and is on the UNESCO heritages list.
  • One of Iran’s most famous historical attractions is the tomb of Cyrus.
  • The first capital of Achaemenid Empire here established.
  • According to historical evidences, Cyrus the Great was responsible for constructing most of the buildings in this complex .
  • Visiting this place will help you increase your knowledge of Iranian history, especially Achaemenid history.
  • Pasargadae is a valuable and historical collection of Achaemenid monuments, and you can visit this part of Iranian history.
  • Pasargadae Garden with global record is also part of the collection. Although this garden does not exist today, it has inspired the famous Iranian gardens after it.



Introduction to the ancient collection of Pasargadae

To discover the facts of Pasargadae complex you must travel to southern part of Iran and Fars province. Somewhere in the plain of Morghab and the plain of Pasargadae, near Pasargadae, there are ancient structures that are reminiscent of ancient Iran and have many stories to tell.

This is where the glorious Achaemenid history is founded and regarded as the first capital of this great empire. It is also home for the world’s largest and most extensive Achaemenid heritages, and the most diverse and most influential sites of this period. Pasargadae Complex is also the fifth Iranian site on the UNESCO World Heritage List which was able to enter the list with hundred percent of votes, but before that this historic site on September 16, 1931 was in the National Monuments List with registration number of 19.

“In this post we are going to take a close look at all the works of this historical complex of Pasargadae and examine this ancient city from different angles.”

Pasargadae complex generally composed of the following buildings:

►The tomb of Cyrus the Great
►Mozaffari Inn
►Dedicated Palace
►Baram Palace
►Iranian Garden Collection

►Gateway Palace
►Gate stone
►Stone Tower
►Tel bed
►The Sacred Yard


+Pasargadae Opening hours are as bellow:

Thursday 8AM–6PM
Friday 8AM–8PM
Saturday 8AM–6PM
Sunday 8AM–6PM
Monday 8AM–6PM
Tuesday 8AM–6PM
Wednesday 8AM–6PM

+Address: Saadat Shahr,Shiraz,Fars Province

+Phone: 071 4358 2790





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