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Simin and Jalal Museum


Today in this article we want to explain everything about the Jalal and Simin House Museum, including its history, a brief history of its owners and ways to access this museum.

As you know, there are many places in the world that used to be home to families or special people and today have become museums. One of the newest museums with such a history and opened in Iran is the house of the Simin and Jalal Museum, which is a contemporary literary couple of Iran.

Simin Daneshvar and his wife Jalal Al-Ahmad are two Iranian writers and translators who have left many works and have created a new way in the history of writing Persian literature. Apart from this, the couple's private life has charms that few literary lovers know about!

In a dead end on Dezashib Street, in the north of Tehran, there is a pleasant and beautiful house, which was previously inhabited by the greats of contemporary Iranian literature, and after many years, their works are still published. The museum was actually the couple's personal home, built by Jalal Al-Ahmad while his wife Simin was studying aesthetics at Stanford University. How this house was built has an audible story that has become one of the factors that make this museum attractive. In 1330, Jalal Al-Ahmad decided to build a house on a plot of land he had bought in Shemiranat a long time ago and live there with his wife.

It is interesting to know about the construction of this house that Jalal himself was directly involved in the construction of the house. In letters to his wife, he described the pain in his hands during the stoning and the injuries to his body. What is clear in every brick of this house and has a special appearance is that it was built with love and the purity and honesty of this feeling is still rippling in it.

The decoration of this house is still the same as when its original owners lived there. In fact, when the municipality of Tehran bought this house with the intention of turning it into a museum in 1393, it had decided from the beginning that there would be no change in the decoration and position of the objects in the house, and that it It was the first to expose it to the eyes of the people.

When you enter the Jalal and Simin House Museum, you will see that after passing through the courtyard; A wax statue of Simin Daneshvar is placed at the entrance of the house, facing the courtyard and its beautiful pond, as if sitting on an old wooden chair and waiting. Simin Daneshvar has written in one of his works called Wandering Island, which he wrote after the death of his wife: Ahmad is not dead and he is still alive! This statue and the state of anticipation in his eyes give the same feeling to those who visit it. On the other hand, inside the house, in a half floor made by Jalal Al-Ahmad himself, a wax statue of him is placed. It is as if he was also thinking about writing and creating a new work. Of course, in reality, this place was the place where Jalal Al-Ahmad took refuge and created his works. Jalal and Simin House was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran in 2004.

Address: Tehran, Dezashib, Shahid Ramezani St., Rahbari Alley, Pasandideh Alley, Dead End, No. 1. The house of Jalal Al-Ahmad and Simin Daneshvar

Opening hours: Every day except Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm

Phone: 021 2270 5969

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