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Tehran Grand Bazaar


One of the most important economic sectors of Iran, without a doubt, is the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, which is also known as the 15 Khordad Bazaar. This market can be named as the beating heart of the economy in Tehran.

Tehran Grand Bazaar, in addition to being very important from an economic point of view, is also one of the most important historical monuments in Iran in terms of history and architecture. In this article, we intend to visit the big market of Tehran and introduce this important market to you.


Where is Tehran Grand Bazaar?

Tehran Grand Bazaar is a remnant of the Qajar period that some consider it the work of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar and others attribute its construction to the Safavid era and call Shah Tahmasb Safavid as the main builder of this bazaar.


These explanations indicate that the Grand Bazaar of Tehran existed during the Safavid period and during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah new sections were added to it and this bazaar was roofed.


In terms of location, Tehran Grand Bazaar is located in the southern part of the capital and is limited to Rumi from the south, to Globandak from the west, to Pamanar from the north and to Abmangol and Kosar from the east. Tehran Grand Bazaar can undoubtedly be called one of the most important markets in the capital because a large part of the economy of the Iranian capital is circulating in this market.


One of the most important parts of Tehran market is its architecture and structure. In general, if we take a look at the architecture of this market and examine it:

In terms of architecture, Tehran Bazaar is a collection of different corridors, vault, domes, etc., each part of which has been built with great care and special architecture. Over time, this market has changed a lot, but you can still see the old parts of it.

 The old parts of the bazaar are historical and domed, and there are many pores between the domes to provide light to the interior, as well as to act as a ventilator for the bazaar and to cause air circulation inside the bazaar.

Due to the fact that the architecture of the entire Tehran bazaar has always been changing throughout history, it is not possible to attribute a specific architectural style to it, and due to various reconstructions and the addition of new sections, the architecture of this structure has changed a lot over time.



Tehran Bazaar Restaurants

  You can see different sections and different professions in Tehran Grand Bazaar. One of the sections of this market is its restaurants, in this section we want to introduce you to the best restaurants in Tehran's Grand Bazaar.


-Sharaf al-Islami Restaurant

-Naib Restaurant

-Muslim Restaurant

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