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Persian meals and snacks


Iran will be a paradise for food lovers!
you will definitely notice the variety of dishes you can find in Iran, by checking the menu of Iranian restaurants. You can experience almost every part of Persian culture in local cuisines.
Every culture has its foods; we can say that people usually become familiar with a culture by what they eat. Therefore, we decided to introduce Persian foods and drinks to you as the main part of Iranian heritage.
Every city of Iran has different food habits. If you are interested to know more about Persian meals and snacks, please keep reading this article.

Like other countries, we have three main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast, most of the time, we eat bread with butter combined with honey or different kind of jams, Or bread with cheese and a slice of tomato and cucumber.
Sometimes we eat boiled or fried eggs as breakfast too.
The other foods that we eat for breakfast are Haleem, Ash Sabzi and Kalle-Pache.

For lunch, it is very common among Iranian to eat Chelo (cooked rice) with their food, usually on a daily basis.
The most popular types of foods that are eaten with Chelo are called “Khoresh” or “Khoresht”, which has a wide variety and literally translated to English as stew dishes.

Here we mentioned some of the most popular foods for lunch:
1. Ghorme Sabzi (green herb stew)
2. Khoresht e Bademjan
3. Khoresht e Gheime
4. Kebab
5. Zereshk polo ba Morgh (Persian barberry rice with chicken)
6. Tahchin
7. Kalam Polo Shirazi
8. Fesenjun (pomegranate and walnut stew)
9. Morasa Polo
10. Gheyme Nesar

For dinner, Iranians usually choose lighter dishes.
For example:
1. KUKU SIBZAMINI (Potato and beef rissoles)
2. Abgoosht Dizi
3. Omlet
4. Salad Olvieh
5. Ash e Reshteh
6. Dolme
7. Kotlet goosht or Shami
8. Kuku Sabzi
9. Mirza Ghasemi
10. Beryan

Other Items You May Find beside the main food:
Some appetizers such as soup, kashk-e-bademjan (Persian eggplant dip), leafy-green salads, Shirazi Salad (Persian Cucumber Tomato Salad), and Zeytoon Parvardeh (marinated olives).

The most popular Iranian beverage is bubbly yogurt drinks called Doogh, which is mixed with basil, rose petals, and mint.

Some sweets that use as desserts include Ranginak, Shole Zard, Fereni, and Halva.

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