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Bike riding in Zagros Mountains


Escape from the real world and experience hills, trails and nature on two wheels with mountain biking.

If you’re interested in getting away from car traffic and exploring adventures, you can ride on a road or touring bike.

Our purpose is biking and creating ideal tours for those who love being active and outdoors,

Mountain bike is a fun way to exercise and connect with nature.

Extending from the northwest to the southeast of Iran, Zagros Mountains in the west of Iran offers

stunning landscapes suitable for a variety of activities, ranging from hiking to skiing and biking.

Stay with us in this article if you are searching for amazing destinations for biking in Iran to get to know one of the bests.

The foothills of Zagros encourage any cyclist to enjoy biking here,

Where to go for biking in Zagros?

Depending on your desires and activity, Zagros suggests a variety of landscapes and places.

There are beautiful routes for biking in Zagros between different cities and villages, but our Suggestion is biking from Golestan town to Pas kouhak, Kodiun and Haftbarm. We start biking from Golestan twon with 1800 m Height and we drive to Aliabad village near Paskouhak with 2000 m height. Our Cycling pedalling will be 14 km. we will camp in Alianad village. 

When is the best time to go biking in the Zagros?

The best time for biking in Zagros Mountain is spring and fall, the weather isn’t very coldand it is suitable for athletics and those who do daily workout. Spring is one of beautiful season for biking in this region and we can see nomads that move from Gheshlagh to  Yeilagh .The season of cycling in Zagros is the season of Nomads return. Cycling from north to sought and in spring have special attractions.

Types of Mountain Bikes

What type of bike you ride is usually decided by where you plan on riding. Touring and Cyclocross work fine for rail-trail riding and less-rugged roads.

Suspension, wheel size, frame materials, gearing and brakeskey features that determine what type of the bike is capable of riding.

The right shoe/pedal combination depends on your comfort level and what type of riding you’re planning on doing.

The most common mountain biking style is Trail Bikes. If you’re interested in meeting Bikes in this category place equal emphasis on fun, efficiency and sensible overall Weight.

Typical specs: 120–140mm of suspension travel; 67–69° head-tube angle

Body Position

Perhaps the biggest key to successful mountain biking is your body position.

Mountain bike trail surfaces include rocks, roots, ruts, sand or mud. Being in the right body position helps you get through tricky sections of trail. The ready position gets you mentally and physically prepared to take on technical sections of trail.

Positioning your seat properly can help you get in the correct body position for climbing and descending.





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