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Best Iran Desert for Safari

A vast part of Iran is desert and you can read everything about Iran desert in this article. Central part of Iran is almost included 32,500,000 Hectares of desert area which is included Dasht- Kavir and Lut desert.

Lut desert and Dasht-e Kavir are the most important desert in Iran and two of the top most interesting yet undiscovered places in the country.

In this article we provided some practical information about Dasht-e kavir and Dasht-e Lut, Maranjab Desert, Mesr Desert, Facts & Informations, Weather conditions, Desert Tours and ….

1. Dasht-e Kavir or Great Salt Desert
Dasht-e Kavir, 300km long and 400 km wide, is the largest desert of Iran and composed of mud and salt marshes. You can find about 50 salt domes in this desert.

Although this desert is arid and receives little rain and snow but the Alborz and Zagros Mountains provide plenty of runoff to create seasonal lake. Temperatures in Dasht-e Kavir can reach 50 °C in summer so traveling to this desert during the summer is not an option.

2. Dasht- e Lut or Lut desert:

Lut desert is the hottest (surface temperatures of 70°C or more) and driest desert on the plant. The most unique features of this desert are gigantic rock formations, some of the tallest sand dunes in the world, salt plains, forgotten castles and it is the land of Geomorphological Phenomena of Desert

3. Iran Mesr Desert
Mesr Desert is a desert village 45 km from Jandag and 34 km north of the Khur city in the Isfahan province in the central desert ( Dashte Kavir ) of Iran. Perhaps Mesr village is one of the amazing natural highlights of Iran desert especially for those who enjoy experiencing the rough but beautiful nature of the desert.

Sandy hills and dams and Seleknon salt lake,are the most spectacular Mesr desert section . In this region there are some historical houses which turned out to the local residences.

4. Shahdad desert or Kalut desert:
Shahdad Desert Shahdaad desert is one of the unique attractions of Kerman province in Iran and it is 100 Kilometers from Kerman. From east, it is 30 Kilometers from Dasht-e Lut.

There are several Kaluts in this region and these kalouts are located in an area 40km east and northeast of Shahdad.

Shahdad Desert has unique attractions, including yardangs, nebkas, starry nights, Roud-Shour (Briny River) and the highest sand dunes in the world located in Rigan County. The legendary Kalut city was created about 20 thousand years ago with water and wind erosion.

For the comfort of those tourists who want to experience spending a night in the desert, Shahdad desert camp is raised in the middle of Shahdad desert.

5. Maranjab desert:
Maranjab desert Located close to the city of Kashan 40 kilometers from Aran and Bidgol city, there are sandy hills of Maranjab. The long sandy hills, arch jungles, salt lakes, Maranjab caravancerai, beautiful night sky are also the attractions of this desert.

Maranjab salt lake is the most famous attraction spot in Maranjab desert located approximately 100 km east of the City of Qom and 60 km of Kashan. The lands around the salt lake are swampy, so it’s better to visit the salt lake with a local guide who knows the area

All these deserts are unique and spectacular for fans of off-road and safari tour as well as for those who interested to the desert and camping tour.

The best time for Iran desert tours is October, November & December. Summer and winter are usually not suitable times for Iran desert tours

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