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Iran Mountaineering Paths


Mountaineering, with its unique features of practicing, attracts many people for enjoying its beauties and challenges. Cooperating with a team to deal with challenges and sometimes to survive is of exceptional experiences that one can ever have in his life besides his or her similar routine life hard times which happens in mountaineering much more than in many other activities.

Conquering a summit and letting the face skin be touched by the sunshine in an altitude that has already invited us to do real challenge, and looking downward to the path we have already passed with hard effort, permits us feel a unique experience of power that give us aunbelievble strength of facing the routine life and coming along with those who had been regarded as problems but now… NOT!

In order to have a safe and enjoyable mountaineering experience and being benefited from all these advantages of mountaineering, having enough information about mountaineering skills, equipment, path and condition is necessary. You need to access to reliable theoretic information source and active and practical team.

Iran land, which arms different mountain ranges and very high summits, is of high ranked choices of selection by professional and amateur mountaineers. Zagros Mountain Range, which stretches from north-west to south-east, Alborz Mountains stretching from north-west to north-east, as well as Central Mountain Range host a significant number of summits of Iran land and brings us with fantastic mountaineering opportunities. The volcanic mountain Damavand, with same name of its peak, with more than 5600 meters of altitude from geoid, is the highest point of Iran and is part of Alborz Mountain range. Dena Mountains, the most famous mountains of Iran, are part of Zagros. All these are a limited number of part of highlights of mountains of Iran Land.

Iran with its diverse mountain ranges in different parts of the land, bring the mountaineers with a wonderful opportunity of practicing this sport. Zagros, stretching from northwest to southeast, Alborz from North West to northeast, Central Mountain Range, and many other peaks make the mountain pattern of Iran Land. Zagros, as the vastest mountain range of Iran land, will be discussed in article series.

Provinces Azerbaijan, Zanjan, Kurdistan, Lorestan and Fars, each host a part of this mountain range and receive beauty from its amazing nature. Here we will talk about three mountaineering paths to peaks of Zagros. These paths are well evaluated by professional mountaineers.

Ghash-e-Mastan Peak
Ghash-e-MAstan is a mountain peak with the altitude of 4550 meters in Zagros. There are different paths to climb it, two of which are going to be discussed in this article

Mountaineering Path #1:

This is a 1.5 day program with about 9 – 10 hours of climbing. The region is cold and is snowing completely from November to March or even to April. The best time for climbing may be from May to October, depending on the desire of the climber. The snowing time is also a good opportunity for those who want to perform Ice Climbing and Snow Climbing. The degree of difficulty of this path is “Average”

We start from a beautiful region in called Padena and trek to a village named Khafr. From Khafr the climbing starts. After 3 hours climbing, in the altitude of about 3000 meters, we will reach to resort to camp. There we will pass the night. In the morning, we will start again climbing to the peak. This part at an average for normal groups will take about 6 hours.

Mountaineering Path #2:

This wonderful path contains passing over 11 peaks to Ghash-e-eMastan peak.

We Start from a region called Bijan in Semirom city, climb the first peak called BordehAtash and then continue passing over peaks such as SiJani, HozDal, Hara, KarSomi, Mash, BorjeAseman, GhezelGhole, Benruz and then reach to Ghash-e-Mastan peak. On the way, we also visit a cave, which is being registered.

This program will take 3 days for an average group of mountaineers. The difficulty of this program is “Average”.

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