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Mountainous Geography along with snowy winter climate brings human being a unique and wonderful opportunity of doing some exceptional sport that fills the body and soul with excitement, power and self-confidence: Skiing!

Skiing, which is said to be born in Alp Mountain by Europeans, is nowadays an official field of sport recognized by the Olympic Games Organization and many professional tutorials has been codified to teach how to ski professionally. This sport, as well as excitement and energy, also engages the skier with some serious challenges that, if are not taken into consideration, would be really dangerous.

Professional Skiing starts with 5 fundamental techniques that are essential for all those who even want to do it as an amateur or are in the first steps of being trained. These techniques, which are known as Alpine Skiing Fundamentals, require the skier to have a good understanding of physics and body mechanics as well as fundamentals of general sport and exercise essentials. These five are as what follows:

  1. Control the relationship of the Center of Mass to the base of support to direct pressure along the length of the skis
  2. Control pressure from ski to ski and direct pressure toward the outside ski
  3. Control edge angles through a combination of inclination and angulation
  4. Control the skis rotation (turning, pivoting, steering) with leg rotation, separate from the upper body
  5. Regulate the magnitude of pressure created through ski/snow interaction

Doing ski is one of the most popular sports that attract many people to do, which on the other hand, is possible only in snowy mountains with good conditions for ski, or in man-made ski slopes but the artificial slopes are mainly used for some regular ski matches and does not bring enough excitement and challenge for skier to experience, which are of main desires of ski philosophically. Hence finding good snowy mountains for an enjoyable ski is always a prerequisite.

In addition to good natural ski resorts, a good team and professional leader is most of time a need for ski lovers that need to join a group to experience this sport. Especially for those who travel to another region or country for ski.  

Iran Land, which is located on the Iran plateau, is in 40% covered by mountains which are covered by snow in more than 1/3 of a year. These snowy mountains are a heaven for skier who would like to enjoy ski in natural platforms. Zagros mountain with more than 1000 km length and several peaks, some of which are permanently covered with snow and Alborz Mountains with more than 700 km length, are the destination of professional skier and ski tours.





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