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Swimming and Scuba in Iran

Swimming and Scuba, as well-famed sports, have big fans worldwide and many people would like to do these sports, especially in natural landscapes like gulfs, rivers, lakes and so on. Thanks to amazing geographical condition of this land, Iran has perfect natural places for unforgettable swimming and scuba experience. In this article, we would like to go directly to part of natural swimming and scuba places in south of Iran.

The shore side of Persian Gulf brings us with very good opportunity for swimming and scuba. Hence, different professional swimming and scuba teams frequently use that place for enjoying practicing this sport. Some scientific projects that need to be operated underwater of Persian Gulf, also benefit from these places and teams mentioned.

Siraf port, a historical beautiful port of Persian Gulf, is one the most famous places perfect for swimming and scuba as well as a pleasure accommodation and sightseeing.

Genaveh and Bandarabbas, are also other swimming and scuba facilities in Persian Gulf shore.

Rivers are also of good opportunities for swimming and scuba. Dom-e-Asb river in Fars province, with its challenging geographical condition is a target for those who are ready for an adventure swimming and Rafting experience. For that, you need to be strong enough and your body be ready.

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