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The best trekking trails in Iran


If you are ready for pure nature tourism, follow us to the end of this article.
The best trekking trails in Iran are listed in detail.
The first category in hot seasons; give cold weather and the second category in cold seasons; give warmth.
Those who have experienced globe-trotting know that there are few countries across the globe that, like Iran, have four seasons in one day of the year, and by traveling to every corner of it, you can walk in a different climate.
If we know the value and importance of this feature; it is as if we have a time machine.

Due to the existence of two mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros, half of Iran have mountainous conditions.
If you are interested in breathing cool and pleasant air and visiting tall & fantastic waterfalls, lush hills, and valleys full of flowers; you should go to the northern or western mountain ranges of Iran at the beginning of each year.
In the following lines, we mention some of the best pristine and tempting trekking trails in the heart of Iran's mountain ranges.

1. Talesh Mountains:
Zanjan, Ardabil, and Gilan provinces are hosting Talesh mountain range, with its two famous peaks, Tilar and Baghru, that known as one of the most important trekking and mountaineering destinations in Iran.
The mountains of Talesh combine the beauty of nature and the attractions of the Gilaki and Azeri cultures.
If you join a team or a professional tour, after meeting the northern villagers, you can watch their livestock farming in the foothills of Talesh and from there go to the heights of Ardabil, Cheshmeh Anna Bolaghi, and Lake Nevar.
If you have limited time, make Talesh your main destination and go to Hyrkani National Park, Varzan, Subatan, Gisum forest park, Gorgan River, Saragah Lake, Siah Daran forest park, and Dokhaleh area.
The distance between Talesh to each of these attractions will be one of the best trekking routes in Iran.

2. Sabalan Mountains:
Do not miss the pleasure of having trekking towards the Sbalan Mountains, the third highest mountain in Iran with an altitude of more than four thousand meters.
Volcanism, plains, and valleys decorated with red tulips, spas located on the slopes, aromatic herbs such as cloves and ox-tongue flowers, diverse and rich animal texture consisting of bears, foxes, and rabbits, a natural eagle-shaped statue on the western front of Zalali peak and lake that is fed by snowwater, They are not things that can be easily found in a limited geography, anywhere else in Iran.

If you are looking for the best trekking trails in Iran for a leisure trip; Our recommendation is to go to Ardabil and Sabalan mountains on hot summer days so that there is not much snow on the route, the lake is not frozen and camping & trekking along the route is safe.

3. Damavand Mountain:
Damavand is the most important natural symbol of Iran, with a height of 5700 meters, considered as the roof of the country. To enjoy the beauty of this mountain, you do not need to have full mountaineering equipment and deal with high altitudes & hard icy roads, all you have to do is take a distance of about 70 km from Tehran and choose whether you want to see a forest or a cave. Depending on your choice, trekking of a few minutes to a few hours will be waiting for you.

Cheshmeh Ala in 4 km of Damavand, Dasht-e Mosha in 6 km, Tar and Havir lakes in 25 km, Rudafshan cave in 50 km, and Tizab and Farah-Afza waterfalls in 1 and 5 km of Damavand city, each of them can be your host for trekking and nature tourism.

4. Taleghan Valley:
Without exaggeration, whenever we enter the Alborz mountain range, we will see nothing but beauty. Taleghan Valley that located in Alborz province is 90 km far from Karaj, is one of the most exciting and best trekking trails in Iran.
On one of the summer days (until early autumn), go to Taleghan and set your destination in the Se hezar valley. This paradise trekking will be about 40 kilometers long and will take up to 3 days. In terms of altitude, it gradually rose to about 4000 meters and returned to the valley (Se hezar). Rivers, springs, waterfalls, and clear blue sky are with you and you will see amazing landscapes that few people see during their lifetime.

5. Zard kooh Mountains:
Zagros is located in the beautiful Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.
Zard kooh Mountains with a height of 4200 meters, after Dena, is known as the highest peak of the Zagros and has received its name from its unique and yellow soil. Karun and Zayandehrud rivers originate from the foot of this mountain and various medicinal plants can be found in its elevation.

The natural beauty along with the pure and unadulterated life of the Koohrang nomads has caused foreign mountaineering and nature tourism groups from all over the world to come and visit Zardkooh and its sights every year.
Koohrang waterfall, overturned tulip plain, Sheikh Ali Khan waterfall, oak forests, Dimeh spring, and Sara Agha Seyed step village are the outstanding attractions of Zardkuh.
For visiting, trekking and camping, move from Shahrekord to Koohrang and from there, step by step, enjoy the beauty of nature.
Although the best time to visit Zardkuh is spring, but in winter you can ski on its snowy heights.

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