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Hafez (born 1325 – died 1390, Shiraz) is one of the most favored of Persian poets. He is one of the greatest poets of Iran with perhaps deep effect on Iranian life and culture in general than any other. If a book of poetry is to be found in an Iranian house, it is most probably to be his collected poems, “Divan of Hafez”. Most of his poetry has become proverbial sayings, and there are few local people who cannot recite some of his lyrics, partially or totally, by heart.

“My body’s dust is for my soul a veil
Happy will be the time when I unveiled that face.

Such a cage is not worthy a bird who sings so sweet:
To Paradise I’ll fly, for that meadow’s my true space.

Why I came was never clear, nor where I was going to:
Alas the pain that I neglect my real work and place.

While I am pinned down in this prison of the body’s clay
How can I fly free in the heaven of spiritual grace?

My heart bleeds, scented with Divine desire.
My agony like the musk deer, whose perfume costs its life.

Though clothed in spun-gold, I am not soft candlelight,
Beneath my robe of honor, burn flames you cannot trace.

Come, lift Hafez up from his being and himself:
Once I have found You, no-one will hear me say ‘I am’.”

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