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Tomb of Rudaki



‘Abdollah Jafar Ebn Mohammad Rudaki’ is presumed to have been born about 880 CE and passed around 941 CE. Unfortunately, very little has been recorded on his life; much that is known must be pieced together from his own poetry.
He was the first poet of note to compose poems in the “New Persian” written in Arabic alphabet, generally regarded as the father of Persian poetry.
His poems are written in a simple style, characterized by charm and optimism and, toward the end of his life, by an impressive melancholy. In addition to parts of his divan (collection of poems), one of his most important contributions to literature is his translation from Arabic to New Persian.

“Staying for brief nights in this roadside inn,
The lodger should not commit his love forever.

You will have to sleep deep beneath the earth,
Though now it’s silk on which you slumber.

What use to you to hobnob with the great?
You’ll be alone when the grave you enter.

The ones making love to you will be ants and flies,
Not the beauty that now grooms your hair.

She who now combs and plaits your hair—
No matter what rich reward you offer—

Once she sees you yellow and decay,
She is not blind. Heart grows colder.”

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