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B2B , FAM Trips

Pars Tourist Agency has developed “B2B FAM” Trips in order to familiarize Managers of Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Bloggers who manage trips and Leaders of Affinity Groups with the fascinating country of Iran and the travel services that PTA can offer its clients.

The three tours described below are Pars Tourist Agency’s Classic Tours. You can choose one (or more!) that interests you and take it at any time during the year you wish.

PTA staff is also ready to operate tailor-made FAM Trips for all sorts of special interest groups focusing on any such theme as higher education (i.e. university professors or students), mountain climbing, anthropology, cycling, trekking, caving, history, national park systems, nature/geography, horseback riding, skiing, music, astronomy, desert exploration, flight booking, and more.

Contact Pars Travel Agency today and talk with a staff member to explore the possibilities of taking a tailor-made excursion that will meet the needs of your group!



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