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Each degree we have mentioned on our web site by means of walking small men (Iran Mountains) shows special meaning for the level of the difficulty of the tour. The description for the numbers of these symbolic small men to show the difficulty of the tour is as follow:

 Iran MountainsIran Mountains >>> Showing the difficulty with two men mostly used for simple caves and trekking on our web site. For trekking with this degree of difficulty we do not have any steep climbing during the tour and in cave exploring you just visit the caves and do not need any technical ability for exploring inside the cave.

 Iran MountainsIran MountainsIran Mountains >>> Three walking men is used for climbing to summits with the heights of 3000-4000m and not more. During these mountain climbing tours, we just climb on different steep routes without having any ice or rock climbing. In cave exploring programmers with this degree of difficulty, we just pass the narrow places inside the cave and no technical ability for rock climbing is needed.

Iran MountainsIran MountainsIran MountainsIran Mountains>>> Climbing the summits of 4000-5000m height is shown with this degree of difficulty on our web site. Beside some steep climbing during the route in these kinds of tours, we may have to pass some glaciers and rarely have some simple rock climbing. For the caves with this level of difficulty, the participants should have sufficient knowledge and experience about cave exploring and it techniques since going through such caves is only possible by ropes and other suitable devices.

Iran MountainsIran MountainsIran MountainsIran MountainsIran Mountains>>> This is used for climbing the summits with more than 5000m heights and it needs to have a high physical ability and sufficient experience in mountain climbing and required techniques in its related fields. One may encounter any sudden incident in mountain such as falling ice, snow or stone. So being professionally experienced in mountain climbing is of utmost importance for participating in these kinds of tours.