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    Tour Guide:

Pars Tourist Agency (PTA) has a special training system and demanding supervision that leads to an empowerment organization during last 20 years. It’s our honor that most of Iranian tour guides had their first professional experience within this organization.


      PTA divided guides to 5 different categories:


  1- Unexperienced (No-khasteh)
  2- Local (khasteh)
  3- Amateur (Bar-khasteh)
  4- Experienced (sakhteh)
  5- Iranologist (khosh-sakhteh)




All PTA guides, from amateur to experienced, will pass some practical assisting courses within each stage. Following theoretical and practical training and gaining sufficient experience, PTA guides will be assessed by the local tour guide master and Iran master, and thus they will be upgraded to the next stage.


Below we are giving credit to some masters that help us reach our goal:


Mr. Yaghubi

Mr. Behrang Yaghoubi ( local Master )

Reza soleimani  

  Mr. Reza Soleimani ( Iran Master )