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Please fill the Iran Visa application from out and follow the steps below. Be aware that the given info will be used to contact you in the future to inform you on your Iran Visa Grant Notice. That's why you should fill your Iran Visa form carefully and correctly.


Come up with an itinerary, fill the Iran Visa form out, upload your photo & passport scan, transfer 30€ to our online account.


Your Iran Visa Grant Notice will be sent to your email address in 2 or 3 working days.


You will collect your Iran Visa either at your selected Iranian embassy/consulate or airport.

Passenger 1

- Name of the cities you want to visit.
- Name of the hotels you will stay in each city .

* It is logical that the itinerary may change before or during the trip and it is well understood from our side. Please bare in mind that every single change should be informed us via email([email protected]).

Attention :
If you want to stay in a camp in the cities, villages, local houses or any kind of places which are not official, we can't help you in appling the Grant Notice of evisa.
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1. The passport validity must be at least 6 months after the planned arrival date.

2. As there are more than one Iranian Consulate in some countries while others have none, please specify the exact Iranian Consulate from which you would like to pick up your Iran Visa.

3.The embassy fee changes based on the chosen embassy or airport, maybe you can pay less money at the embassy Compared with the airport depends on your nationality.

4. I confirm to choose my trip itinerary and accommodations (with or without PTA’s consultation) and travel according to this itinerary. In case of being forced to change the itinerary due to the certain unforeseen circumstances, I will inform PTA as soon as possible by the following e-mail address: [email protected]

5. I agree to take all the responsibility of any problem which may arise in the case that I do not travel due to the submitted itinerary and will not file any complaint against Pars Tourist Agency.

6. I well understand that Pars Tourist Agency will do its best to secure my Iran Visa and take care of all necessary details regarding it, however, the final decision of granting permission for me to enter and travel in the country rests with the government of Iran. There wouldn’t be any guarantee when and if a visa will be granted.

7. I will take the responsibility in case of any kind of written mistake in the above Iran Visa application form.

8. I pledge to obey all the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran.

9. At last, I confirm the correctness of all the given information in the above form.

I confirm that I have well studied all the information due to obtaining Iran Visa in this website.