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Kafter (Shad Kam) Lake

05 km north of Shiraz a fresh water lake lies at 2300 m above sea level, with 5000 to 10000 hectares immensity and 3 m depth. This lake which is located in a verdant and magnificent region of Fars province hosts the immigrant birds during summer. In winter this lake is covered completely by ice and snow and in summer the water dries up and the lake shrinks.



1. Kaftar Lake

2. Sedeh

3. Boragh strait



Day 1: Travel in a 4WD to Kaftar Lake. Set up tent and soak up the lake's beauties.

Day 2: Visit the lake and the surrounding wildlife. Then cover the road to Shiraz via Boragh strait and Sedeh.



1. Transport

2. Tour guide

3. Camp & necessary equipment

4. Dining (optional)


Approximate tour duration: 2 days


Best time of operation: Spring & summer""