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Eram Garden

Eram Garden


Eram garden whose name is inspired by Arabic word “Eram”, meaning “Heaven", is one of the most beautiful Gardens in Iran and is one of those registered as a World Heritage of Humanity in UNESCO World Heritage List.

This Garden functions as a Botanical Garden directed by Shiraz University and is host of more than 900 plant species. In Eram Garden, you can find plans that usually grow in cold climates and plants that grow in hot climates.

It points to the special weather of Shiraz with its moderate and four-seasonal climate; a key element that allows Shiraz to be the canon of attention for long time for living and enjoying time, and hence, the history of Gardens, Like Eram, goes back to many years ago.

 Eram Garden

Eram Garden is one of the most historical Gardens of Iran. Documents point to existence of it in about 700 years ago. This Garden has always been owned by local Governors for living and passing time in joy.

That is why we see a pavilion in the yard; a building for residence. The architecture of this Pavilion accompanied by the designation graph of the garden as a whole, is an attraction of this Garden which relates to international concept: Persian Garden

The architecture and designation of the garden is an instance of the concept Persian Garden with four sections produced by two perpendicular streets/water streams meeting in the geometrical center of the Garden. The main axis, parallel to the length of the Garden, is a beautifully decorated water stream.

Walking through the trees and plants of this garden, takes you to a dreamy atmosphere of paradise having pleasant sound of birds and touch of breeze on your face, in heart of the city of flower and poem, Shiraz and let your soul to receive Positive Energy and strength.


Eram Garden

+Eram Garden Opening hours are as bellow:

Monday 9am–8:30pm
Tuesday 8am–8:30pm
Wednesday 8am–8:30pm
Thursday 8am–8:30pm
Friday 8am–8:30pm
Saturday 8am–8:30pm
Sunday 8am–8:30pm

+Address: Eram Street, Shiraz, Iran.

+Phone: +98 71 3227 2538


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