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The Most Spectacular Island to Cycle in Iran

The Most Spectacular Island to Cycle in Iran

Don’t think that traveling to Iran is limited to visiting historical monuments because there are many other interesting adventures like bike tour.

A bike tour puts you right in the heart of the attractive landscapes and local culture, and connects you with the people. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just enjoy a leisurely pedal, grab your bike, and check out our article about cycling in the most spectacular Island in Iran.

While cycling in Qeshm Island, you will cross numerous wonderful attractions such as the Star Valley, salt cave and mangrove forests as well as many scenic beaches.

You'll ride along Hara forests and Salt River to discover the fabulous attractions and enjoy the beauty of surrounding water that is Immersed by coral reefs. You are likely to have a memorable moments.  

Mountain Bike on the beach

While you can technically ride on the soft sands of the beach with your mountain bike, it won’t be easy, but it can be done. And done by riding close to the water’s edge where the sand is slightly more packed.
The mountain bike is designed for off-road excursions. There is no doubt that the beach is off-road, so why not take that mountain bike to the beach? Well, there is the sand. The soft sand is not a friend of the mountain bike. You will either find yourself struggling with getting traction or cursing as you are once again picking yourself up from the wipe out you experience as you try to navigate a mountain bike through the soft sand of the beaches. The best type of bike to ride on the beach is a fat bike.

Here is everything you need to know about soft sand riding to help you conquer the dreaded sand and start riding.

Fill up your tires. “Both tires and their inner tubes are permeable, which means they naturally lose a couple of pounds of pressure after even just a few days.
Adjust the seat. One of the biggest mistakes people make when riding a bike is keeping the seat too low. But that can hurt your knees, not to mention make your ride less efficient. As a general rule of thumb, the seat should come up to about the top of your hip bone when you’re standing to one side of it. But a better way to tell is to just get on and start pedaling, you should have a slight bend (about 30 degrees) in your knee when the pedal is at the bottom-most point in the cycle.

What do you need?

Sun protection. It’s important to keep your skin safe by applying sunscreen whenever you’re outside in the daylight. Even on cloudy days, about 70 to 80 percent of UV rays can penetrate and damage the skin, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Wearing sunglasses can also help protect your eyes from glare as well as swirling sand or other debris churned up by the wind.
Water. Spending time under the sun can quickly make you dehydrated, especially on warm days or if you’re sweating a lot. Most bikes have a built-in cage to hold a water bottle. Keep your bottle cool by filling it with ice before you leave.

Take just a little time out on two wheels to discover some of the finest jewels in the Qeshm coastal crown.


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