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Cycling to untraveled destinations of Iran

Cycling to untraveled destinations of Iran

Travelling and the bicycle have been in relationship for centuries, every environment, from desert to mountain, is accessible with a trusty bike. Cycling has lots of benefits. In addition, if you choose a great destination like a beautiful forest or a peaceful shore, you are going to double the joy. Biking in nature is a wonderful way to reconnect with it and reduce your worries and stress.

Equipment for cycle touring

• Helmet
• Water bottle
• Waist pack or small day pack
• Comfortable shoes for biking and walking
• Riding gloves
• Sunscreen

We have a variety of tour formats that suit different styles of touring

Cycling through Varzaneh Desert:

Desert cycling is not just a desert sport but a way of thinking. It is a way to reach yourself, listing to the squeak of your chiansaws will help you to listen to your inner voice. As you know there are several deserts in Iran such as “Lut”, “Maranjab”, “Varzaneh”,…..each has their own beauties and it is possible to run Iran desert cycling tours in those deserts but I, for one, prefer to run the tour in “Varzaneh” as it is close to Isfahan and –for many tourists- it’s on the way from north to south. The weather is also pleasant there in autumn and winter.

Cycling in Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf:

Qeshm has some of the most authentic natural landscapes of Iran. It is considered to be the largest island in the Persian Gulf and tourists can bike around this beautiful island easily.

While cycling in Qeshm Island, you will cross numerous wonderful attractions such as the
Star Valley, salt cave and mangrove forests as well as many scenic beaches.
You'll ride along Hara forests and Salt River to discover the fabulous attractions and enjoy
the beauty of surrounding water that is Immersed by coral reefs. You are likely to have
a memorable moments.

Mountain Biking in Zagros:

Extending from the northwest to the southeast of Iran, Zagros Mountains in the west of Iran offers
stunning landscapes suitable for a variety of activities, ranging from hiking to skiing and biking.
Depending on your desires and activity, Zagros suggests a variety of landscapes and places.
There are beautiful routes for biking in Zagros between different cities and villages, but our
Suggestion is biking from Golestan town to Pas kouhak, Kodiun.and Haftbarm. We start biking
ffrom Golestan twon with 1800 m Height and we drive to Aliabad village near Paskouhak with
2000 m height. Our Cycling pedalling will be 14 km. we will camp in Alianad village.

Cycling adventures are the perfect means to explore destinations at a relaxed pace.


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