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Amazing sky sports over Iran sky


Amazing sky sports over Iran sky

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport. Due to good environmental availabilities in Iran, a lot of people try to experience this adventure.

Paragliding is a sport in which the players fly in the air using paragliders. These paragliders are light in weight and are foot launched. There is a harness in the glider on which the paraglider sits.

Paragliding needs jumping from high heels and to ski in the air for long hours. Therefore, a hill station having a stiff peak and a wide area for surfing in the air will be a suitable environment.

If you want to try this sport, there are a few things to consider in terms of timing. The season is not very important for paragliding, however if it is too windy, you shouldn’t do it. When the weather is too windy, you can lose your way in the direction of the wind and you mostly likely won’t be able to control yourself

There are specialized paragliding team in Shiraz, and the mountains around Shiraz are the best spots for this kind of flight. In fact, Shiraz is the cheapest city in the world for Paragliding.

Glider riding is another fun sport in which the pilot is hanging from a device like the birds’ wing and controlling the glider by directing and orienting his body.

As Iran is a mountains country, there are many suitable sites for gliding and most of these site provide you with suitable equipment.
15 km northwest of Shiraz, there is a recreational airport in which you can enjoy a pleasant one-hour flight on an ultra-light single-engine airplane.

Moreover, you can visit the remnants of Persepolis and Necropolis across thesky and take wonderful pictures. In Glider riding, you can get a fantastic and an unforgettable flight over the sky of Persia, with the reasonable price.

We recommend to the tourists with professional Glider riding background to have a fly just for once over Iran’s sky to re-experience the feeling of fear and anxiety again.


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