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Magnificent horse riding in Iran

Equestrianism is a sport that has many branches and many enthusiasts. Riding and watching related competitions is a great hobby for many people and includes disciplines such as horse racing, agile riding, horse jumping, polo, horse hunting, etc.

Moments on horseback are like scenes from a movie where the star rides off into the sunset. On horseback you will have the time of your life.  Here are some favourite reasons to ride:

First and foremost; Fun! Then for Stress relief, Increase trust and also for Fitness.

As you know, the vast country of Iran has many tourist areas and has been considered due to its suitable climate, which has attracted tourists to this country.

When it comes to horses, the focus is on the plains and horses of the Turkmen Sahara region. Horse has long been one of the heritage of Golestan Turkmen ancestors. Golestan province, which has the oldest equestrian complex in the country in Gonbad Kavous, and besides this unique complex, also has the equestrian tracks of Bandar-e Turkmen and Aqqala.


Haft Barm is another beautiful area where you can experience horse riding every four seasons.

Haft Barm and its lakes is one of the promenades around Shiraz, which is located 55 km away from this city. The area around the lakes is covered with vegetation

At last Ramsar, as the bride of Iranian cities and one of the parts of Mazandaran province, is located on the Caspian Sea. One of the areas that has a special attraction for horseback riding in Ramsar is Dalkhani forest. This is one of the most beautiful and pristine forests in the north. And you can enjoy horse riding in spring and summer.

To have a sweet and enjoyable, And of course more security moment while horseback riding, you must have the necessary equipment, such as:

1. Saddle

2. Bridle

3. Helmet

4. Riding Breeches

5. Boots

6. Riding Gloves

7. Gaiter

8. Horse whip









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