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Unique & Fantastic Trekking Routes in Iran


 In the continuation of the previous article, where we introduced a number of good trekking routes in Iran, here we want to introduce some other unique & fantastic trekking routes in Iran.
The Abr forest(or cloud forest) is the most famous and beautiful natural attraction in Iran and its entire space is covered with a sea of clouds, this is the reason for its naming.
Being on top of the clouds, which is one of the dreams of every human, will come true by being here.
Cloud forest is located 45 km northeast of Shahroud and is part of the oldest Hyrcanian forests. A forest with an area of 35,000 hectares, which is a continuation of the lush forests of the north of the country.
This attraction by having 40-million-year-old Hyrcanian forests is one of Iran's most important natural heritage sites, and with its extraordinary scenery, attracts many tourists and nature lovers every year.
To reach the cloud forest and its different parts, you need to have a few hours walk.
Attractive trekking, mountaineering, and forest climbing are waiting for you in this amazing area with unique views. Hills, peaks, and roads covered with various and unique trees, waterfalls, and fresh springs invite you to have a memorable tour in the forest. Get ready and make one of your best nature trips and trekking.
Until you reach the top of the cloud forest and watch its cloudy ocean, nature entertains you and relieves your tiredness along the way. Shorshor and Alochal waterfalls, as well as Torsh and Qotri springs, are examples of the water freshness of this region, which are not few in number. There are many waterfalls and springs along the forest road, and if your path becomes one with them, you will have a pure opportunity to enjoy the cool and clean forest climate. You can spend some time by the springs and enjoy the pristine nature and relax.
Do not forget that the sky of this region is one of the best options for bird watching.
There are various & rare species of plant and animal in this forest. If you are interested in Botanical, the cloud forest is one of the best places for you.
Also cycling is one of the most popular pastimes in the cloud forest. If you are also interested and able to ride a bike professionally, you can take the opportunity to be here and enjoy the beautiful scenery in great weather while riding a bicycle.

The cloud forest has mild and pleasant weather in both spring and summer, and the amount of clouds in these 6 months is much more than the second 6 months of the year.
From mid-April to the end of June, is the best time to visit this forest and the cloud ocean usually appears above the forest. Because during this time, the weather in the area is cool and pleasant and you can easily walk in the clouds!
But in autumn and winter, the forest weather is very cold and due to heavy rains, travel to this area becomes very difficult.

One of the sights of the cloud forest is called Dalan Behesht. When you cross Rostam Mount in this area, Dalan Behesht appears with dense and intertwined trees. A place with beautiful trees and special vegetation is like a dream that has now appeared in front of your eyes!

If you go 80 km northeast of Shahroud, you will reach Olang forest. Olang forest continues the forests of Golestan province towards Shahroud. This is a large forest and it's essential to have a guide for reassurance and enjoying the beauty of the forest.

Most of the trekking trails in the cloud forest are hard, complex, and difficult, so without the presence of a skilled guide who is familiar with the area, it is not possible to reach different parts of it.
It is better to get everything you need from Shahroud city because the materials and supplies that are sold in the shops of the village and the forest are very limited.
Also, if you plan to spend the night in the forest (especially in the early parts of the forest), get the firewood and charcoal you need from Shahroud because you will not find much firewood in the forest.
Near the forest, at a distance of about 10 km, the Abr village is a good place to rest and become fresh to continue the journey.

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